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Admin Muana_Harsatna_tinreng-space.me.mp3
2015-03-29 05:44 · Reply · (0)
Kateoys * Admin <img src="https://cdn2.edenfantasys.com/pi/TL7459_4.jpg">

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п»їThis comic tells how it is a story of a love that begins on the Internet
Simone Ferriero and his girlfriend Krissi met online and love arose. Discover which are the most fun topics of online relationships.

Love is that great feeling that we all crave and that is so hard to find, but more still to be reciprocated. It is said that love is when you least expect it but there are times when you can go looking for it and find people who are looking for exactly the same as you; as is the case of new technologies and the ease of finding love online.

Online applications and groups and chats to link online are increasingly known and have been incorporated into our society as a way to find love. But what happens when you fall in love online? Obviously it is not the same as knowing your "future partner" in person. The smells, the look, even the silences have a lot to say in the first dates of a couple.
For example, a recent study confirms that since 2013, 30% of couples who have been married during the last few years in the United States met online.
In the vinetas that we are going to show you next you will find a recreation of how a couple of this kind would be. A story of love told through a comic super fun and situations that if you have lived an original encounter in the networks you will feel super identified. There are many options that the internet offers us today from a fleeting and furtive friendship on Facebook because we like your profile picture and the "wrong" can become the best excuse even in applications known as Tinder, Badoo, Instagram and even start a conversation on Twitter or Linkedin,? why not?
Simone "Simz" Ferriero's Illustrations
The artist in charge of making this recreation through beautiful illustrations is Simone "Simz" Ferriero's Illustrations that has been capturing the star moments of any relationship that begins on the internet. The first thing is that it becomes a relationship at a distance and that the moment you meet him in person is one of the most exciting of your life. But,? Upsss! Maybe it's not what you expected? It's shorter than you! And that is one of the great handicaps of the guys you know through this type of applications (we do not know very well why ...).
But, in this comic love wins and moves mountains regardless of the physical or the standards of society that there are taxes for couples. But the best of all, is that it is a real relationship, which Simone lived with his girlfriend Krisi and travel to meet her in person when she was 29 years old. His story concretely began on the video platform Twitch, where he used to share his digital works of art, 5 months after talking with Krisi around here, love arose. Live the loves online!
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2019-01-01 01:12 · Reply · (0)
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п»їInfidelity, a hereditary act?
Oh infidelity ... Who was never concerned by this subject? Who has never faced this delicate situation? Men or women, many are combing the least of their spouses' actions to see if there are any things to be said about their behavior. And yes, it must be said that these days, many factors (dating sites, applications ...) can awaken fear in a couple. However, these could not be the only cause of infidelity ...
В© thinkstock
According to the Telegraph, researchers in Queensland (Australia) have found during their research a gene that could be responsible for adultery. Yes, infidelity could well be hereditary! According to them, 63% of men and 40% of unfaithful women would be because of their genetic heritage. "Our research clearly shows that genes influence people's sexual behavior," says Dr. Brendan Zietsch, a researcher at the University of Psychology.
A gene identified in women To achieve these results, researchers in Queensland would have studied the genetic sequences of 7,300 twins aged 18 to 49, all of whom are engaged in a long relationship. Of these, they reportedly noted that 9.8% of men and 6.4% of women had two or more sexual partners in the 12 months preceding the survey. By comparing the genetic inheritance of true and false twins, scientists have managed to find a specific gene in women that could be responsible for this infidelity. Still according to researchers, this hereditary gene named AVPRIA would be involved in the production of the hormone arginine-vasopressin, known to influence people's social behavior. It would therefore have a significant impact on the attachment between sexual partners. Although the results of their research were already conclusive, the researchers would have explained that they still remained to deepen, so much is it difficult to carry out this work of isolation of the genes. To read also: Infidelity: Are Parisian women more than average? ; Infidelity: What is the typical profile of today's infidel? ; Infidelity: The limits not to cross ...
by Elodie Schwartz
2019-01-14 00:37 · Reply · (0)
SofnyCot * Admin Arthur Curry learns that he is the heir to the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, and must step forward to lead his people and be a hero to the world.
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